The Dream Center

WE never rest because THEY never sleep.

Currently in the city of Chicago, there is no facility in place dedicated to helping young women out of prostitution. There are systems in place that can give them the mental help they need, but not financial aid. There are others that can get them a bed to sleep in but not provide the necessary psychological assistance and job training. There are programs that might actually be able to give them all that they need but are open only from 9 to 5, the least likely times that these girls are going to need help. Furthermore, most organizations have age cut offs before or after a person turns 18. Because most women trapped in prostitution are between the ages of 12 and 25, these age restrictions stop the women that we work with from getting the help they need.

With all of this in mind, The Dreamcatcher Foundation is dedicated to building a center for these girls. We want to provide them with dedicated places for them to stay and be safe, psychological care so they can heal, and education so they can get back into the world. Our 24-hour phone line and 8pm to 8am center will be the first of its kind to give the most disadvantaged people in our city the place they need to actually get better. We have been using our innovative approach of intervention, prevention and outreach successfully for 7 years, and our leaders possess a combined experience and education that adds up to over 50 years. With these facts in mind, The Dreamcatcher Foundation is indubitably the ideal organization to build and staff this new center.
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