Join our team of volunteers who are making a direct impact in the lives of Survivors. All direct service volunteers MUST participate in the required DMST 101 and Direct Service training.

Here are some areas we can use your help:


Mentors play an important role in a survivor’s life! Spend time with one of our survivors on a regular basis and be a good role model. Mentors meet with their mentee at least once per month and check in via phone, text, or social media at least once per week. A one-year commitment for mentors is mandatory and mentors must be 21 or older.


A lot of our survivors are in high school and would benefit from some tutoring. Put your math and language skills to good use and tutor a survivor!

Fundraising & Events

A large portion of our funding comes from private individual donors. We are always looking for volunteers to help us increase awareness about trafficking and raise money to support our services.

Activity Coordinator

It’s always great to put on an event or set up a field trip for our survivors. Cook a meal, have a game night, watch a movie, do arts & crafts, go to a museum – the possibilities are endless!


We conduct internet research regarding potential victims in the Chicagoland area in order to reach out to provide help.

Street Outreach

Our outreach teams look for potential victims in areas where victims are trafficked. Teams go out Friday and Saturday nights, 1:30am-7am.


Finding independent transportation is hard, and we help to make sure our survivors can get to their appointments, events, music lessons – wherever they need to be – on time. If you have a car, volunteer to help out with driving!

Grant Writing

We apply for a lot of grants in the course of a year, and we are always looking for help with them. If you have grant writing experience or training, please consider helping us out! Grant writing volunteers do not have to live in Chicago.

Provide Pro-bono Services

Victims are in need of legal, health, social, and counseling services. Your time is highly valued and greatly appreciated.

To be considered for any position, please fill out this application.

(Application to be posted by the end of 2013, if you want to get involved before that, email